Gallery Of Sweets!

We have one of the widest selection of cupcakes. Our selection varies from multiple flavors along with multiple icing flavors. They fit any occasion. This gallery displays several of our cupcake flavors. These flavors include:  Banana, Reece’s Pieces, Reece’s Cup, and many other flavors.

Cookies are another popular item of ours. Don’t miss out on our cookies that will fit any occasion. This gallery displays a select few of our homemade cookies. Some of the cookies displayed are our more festive cookies.  

This gallery displays even more cupcake flavors that Tea Time Tasties offers. That includes multiple different combinations such as Apple Caramel, Pina Colada, and many other favorites.

View Our Sweets And Desserts!

Do your taste buds want more sugary treats that isn’t a cookie or cupcake? Such as brownies,cakes, or scones visit this link below!

Katie's Kupcakes

Want something that has a explosion of taste in a cupcake? Visit the link to see prices and examples of Katie’s Kupcakes


Want something to go with tea or coffee instead? Visit the link below to see all of our delicious cookies!

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